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Thanks for supporting my entrepreneurial efforts!

You can help, in several ways:

  1. Buy Amazon Products Through Me, by using the link generator below. When you buy using the link, I get paid a commission.
  2. Buy Amazon Products Through Me

    You can follow the steps below, or take a quick look at this video:

    1. On a new tab, go to the Amazon product you want to buy
    2. Select and Copy the complete URL from the address bar in your browser
    3. Paste the complete URL on the text box below
    4. Click the “Make Affiliate Link” button, a link will be generated below the form
    5. Click on the generated link and complete your purchase


  3. Use as your homepage.
  4. Use

    Make the default homepage in your browser. It allows you to search Google, provides links to my projects, and as long as the tab is open, you are sharing CPU time that generates Monero to support me.
    Steps vary depending on your browser.

    Here’s a video showing how to do it on Chrome:

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