We need Net Neutrality Rules.

We need Net Neutrality Rules.

We need Net Neutrality Rules. I hope the FCC is up to the challenge.

I have been an Information Technology freelance consultant for over 15 years, and a software entrepreneur working from home, using the internet since Dial-up. I use it to learn and contribute as a citizen to my country and the World, as an eternal autodidact, a father, a businessman and an amateur scientist/inventor.

I need an open and neutral internet, to have a real shot at achieving some level of personal success, and financial independence for me and my family.

Government agencies and institutions should have the power and oversight to regulate, to protect consumers from, among other things, invasions of their privacy, fraudulent billing and price gouging, discriminatory tactics, and have the ability to audit, detect and enforce rules preventing unethical business practices from any and all sources, specially ISPs, or any entity, which by design or happenstance, is in a position to manipulate, tamper, or influence communication networks, or access to them, in any way shape or form. This oversight should also include imposing penalties, and coordinated legal actions with other relevant agencies against offenders.

Net neutrality rules must be enforced, an open Internet must be preserved. This is a complex challenge but even ISPs, corporations, and governments will benefit in the long term, if made accountable and forced to control their instincts for monopolistic power plays and insatiable greed.

I certainly would like an expert agency like the FCC to champion the principles that make the internet great, and help keep it a level playing field for the benefit of all.

I invite you to read this, and follow their link to file a comment to the FCC here:


I did it. So can you.

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