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I like doing research about many things, specially my own country.

If you, like me, are addicted to data, here’s a curated list I’ve put together to remember the sites where I’ve found useful statistical information about Puerto Rico. I’ve organized them by the type of entity.

If you’d like a site added to the list please comment.

U.S. Government

  1. U.S. Census Bureau
  2. U.S. Census Bureau Fact Finder
  3. CIA: Central Intelligence Agency – World Fact Book
  4. U.S. Department of Labor – Bureau of Labor Statistics
  5. U.S. Small Business Administration – Puerto Rico Office

Local Government

  1. Instituto de Estadísticas de Puerto Rico
  2. Banco de Desarrollo Económico
  3. Oficina del Contralor de Puerto Rico – OCPR Web API
  4. Portal de Datos Geográficos Gubernamentales

Under Development

  1. API’s del Instituto de Estadísticas de Puerto Rico
  2. L.I.B.R.E. – Large Information Batch Restructuring Engine


  1. ABRE Puerto Rico
  3. BAE: Biblioteca de Administración de Empresas
  4. Social Bakers: Puerto Rico Facebook Statistics
  5. Nation Master: Facts and stats about Puerto Rico
  6. Google Trends

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